Meet “She”


Meet "She"

  • My name is Chloe.
  • Born and raised in sunny California -blessed beyond measure to be able to raise my family here now.
  • Married to my high school sweetheart and now raising our son who we lovingly refer to as "Littleman".
  • We have a rowdy pup named Oski (named after the Berkeley bear).
  • I have an amazing family. You'll probably read a lot about them, they're pretty great.
  • This past year we bought our first home which used to be my grandparent's home. It's now a new hobby to do home projects as we can, making it our own.
  • I work part-time at my church- I love it. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ and am grateful for his grace and forgiveness that allows Him to love a broken person like myself.
  • I am a pretty terrible cook, but I find great joy in cooking and baking. So I look for simple family friendly recipes- the less ingredients and steps, the better.
  • I am a coffee fiend. I make the coffee most mornings, the sound of the coffee grinder is sweet music to my ears.  I love going to new coffee shops but I'll admit I often play it safe and go to Starbucks.
  • I love to run. Prior to Littleman I ran a marathon and was training for a second (which I had to step down from for safety for Littleman). I'm slowly getting back into it but man is my body shot after baby.
  • Want to know more? Just ask and check out the "She Loves" page!