A Thankful Heart

Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll! As I sit here typing I am overcome with extreme gratitude. What a better way to celebrate the holiday than by thinking of the oh so many things to be thankful for? These are just a few of the things as there is so much to be thankful for, even in the challenging times, there is just so much.

I am thankful for my Lord and savior Jesus Christ without whom any of these blessings wouldn’t be possible.

I am thankful for my husband- the hardworking, loving, genuine, passionate, compassionate man that he is. He leads our home and brings us closer to Christ and I can’t express enough in words how much he means to us.

I am thankful for our energetic, humorous, loving little man Matthew. To be his mama has been one of life’s greatest joys.

I am thankful for our little dog Oski who brings such fun to our family (and she cleans the floors!!).

I am thankful for our big, beautiful, crazy family.

I am thankful for our incredible friends both old and new. I am thankful for the opportunity to do life with them.

I am thankful for my church home and my job as a Children’s Director there. OCF has helped me grow in my faith, knowledge of the Bible and of Christ, and to get outside my comfort zone in community building.

I am thankful for our home. For the memories that we’ve shared and for the memories to come.

I am thankful for the food that we have and the resources that we have  to buy food, water, gas, etcetera.

I am thankful for the care that Matthew has on the days I work.

I am thankful for the ability to run and for the joy that comes with running.

I am thankful for World Vision for giving me a better reason to run than myself.

I am thankful for coffee, hot sauce, peppermint Jojos, champagne, and cheese.

I am thankful for the holidays, the decorations, the time with family and friends, the food.

I am thankful for books.

I am thankful for my glasses and my contacts that help me see the world around me.

I am thankful to live in America and to have the freedom that I do.

I am thankful to the men and women who serve our country daily be it military, police, firefighters, etcetera. Thank you all for your service and sacrifices.

I am certain there’s much more that could go on this list…it would take me hours. Friends I want to encourage you to just take a moment and think about the things you’re grateful for.  Just pause and take it all in. It’s often that we just overlook all that we have and what a beautiful chance to just be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving friends <3



My Favorite Place to Be is Together

Recently we had family photos taken by the amazing Jenny & Ellis Photography. Our experience was so good and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you all! If you’re in Southern California I’d definitely recommend them. I’ve put their link below. We even got the chance to do a smash cake…I know I know it’s such a millenial thing to do but I couldn’t help it. I just love these photos every time I see them online. #yolo right? 😉


xoxo Shelovesalatte



A World with Octobers

Happy Fall Y’all! I hope this Fall season finds you well. Fall in general has always held a special place in my heart. It kind of kicks off the holiday season, which my little heart just loves so very much. Families coming together, celebrations, yummy food, creative decorations…there’s just a change in the way things are. This year is our second October with our little. In just a few days he’ll be 1! I can’t believe how fast time is flying. It’s such a joy to watch this little man grow!

As Fall kicks into high gear hubs and I were talking about all the things we’d love to do, a Fall “Bucket List” shall we say. We don’t have any traditions ourselves yet so we are excited to create some as the time goes with our little family. I thought it would be fun to share our list and for you to add your own traditions and to-dos in the comments below!

  • Apple Picking! Not sure if Matt would really get it yet but I think it’d still be fun!
  • Pie making! I’m talking real homemade goodness. Apple? Pecan? Pumpkin Cheesecake? What would YOU choose?
  • A corn maze! Again, this might be something that comes in a few years when Matt can really enjoy the idea of it and actually walk around himself.
  • Pumpkin carving! Obvi we’ll carve the pumpkin for him but I can’t wait for him to get his hands on some pumpkin guts and explore the texture!
  • Speaking of pumpkins…we’ll be roasting those seeds and munching on homemade pumpkin seeds. Anyone have a good recipe they’d like to share?
  • Going on a “nature walk”. There’s a huge tree a few blocks away that sheds these gorgeous giant leaves. I’d love to take Matt there to gather a few (with our neighbors permission of course) and have him do some art or just explore the leaf itself.
  • Enjoying delicious cider from a local place
  • Having bonfires out in the backyard and roasting marshmallows.
  • Wearing a coat and boots! Come on California get on track with the Fall weather lol.


So tell me what do YOU want to do this Fall? Do you have any traditions?




(Image courtesy of GoDaddy)

Dreams Do Come True!

Even as a little girl my biggest dream was to be a mommy. I’d tossed around career ideas like a veterinarian, a singer, a lawyer.  I think my parents even had high hopes I’d become a doctor…my loathing of math pretty much took that one off of the table lol. I dreamed of becoming a wife to a loving husband. I dreamed of lots of things. I had high ambitions growing up.

I am incredibly blessed to be able to be living out my dream of being a mommy to my sweet boy and a wife to my amazing husband. Nowadays my goals and dreams have seemed to shift focus on being more internal. It’s odd how seemingly, without me even realizing it, my dreams and goals in life have changed.

I have a goal to be a compassionate, kind woman who brings glory to Jesus.

I strive to be a loving and supportive wife, mommy, friend, daughter, sister.

I dream to raise Matthew to be an honest man who loves Jesus, works hard and has integrity.

I dream of fun things like having a minimalistic home that’s calm and refreshing. I dream of making it to Paris one day.

I dream to be better at my job as a Children’s Ministry director.

Another huge focus right now is to create new meaningful friendships and to really invest in the ones I am so fortunate to already have.

I dream to continue to use running for a cause other than myself.

I’d really love to know what are some of your goals and dreams?


Welcome to the World Littlehan

I realized last week after a rousing #ThursdayCoffeeChat on Instagram that I’d never really shared my birth story. A story where my world was drastically changed for the better and the story that shares my journey of entering into motherhood. What an exciting few days it was. Does anyone else seem to block out the “traumatic” moments from that day or is it just me? I mean I remember them, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t seem quite so bad now. The pain isn’t there and I came home with one of the best little dudes God could’ve blessed us with. So in advance, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Thursday afternoon I went in for a weekly check up. I was one day past due and had had issues with pregnancy induced hypertension for a few months leading up to my due date. They hooked me up to do a stress test that Matthew didn’t pass so they quickly sent me to the hospital to do some routine check ups. I called Tim frantic but he talked me off of my ledge and headed to the hospital from work. When we were admitted my blood pressure was 200/100 -needless to say not good and not safe for Matthew or I. They got us into a labor and delivery room and I think it finally hit me then that when we left this place we were leaving with a baby! Fun fact: We didn’t know what we were going to name Matthew when we were admitted. We’d gone back and forth on so many names and much to my protest pretty much decided to not really decide until we had to. When they admit you they fill out the whiteboard in your room with the birth plan, parents names and baby’s name. Then came the moment. The moment they asked for the baby’s name. Tim said Matthew. MATTHEW! I for that moment forgot all of my fears and worries and just celebrated in the joy that we were going to have a Matthew ❤

The first step was to give me an IV and start me on magnesium which would prevent seizures and blood poisoning. Shortly after they started me on pitocin. That stuff is NO joke. 😶 My OBGYN came in on Friday morning and broke my water- she was pretty certain he was coming that evening. C-section kept getting tossed around but by the grace of God we were able to have him naturally. After my water was broken and the pitocin dosage upped, the contractions really started. Tim and I made a pact that I’d go as long as possible without an epidural but with my blood pressure rising and no baby in sight we got an epidural later Friday afternoon (probably a little sooner than I’d hoped for). Y’all this was a live saver and I wholeheartedly believe it provided me with the resting I needed to be able to push.

Saturday morning at midnight it was finally time to push. At 3:11 AM our beautiful boy entered the world at 7lbs 7.6oz and 19 inches long.

This is literally our first photo of him. He’s clearly not stoked to be out lol. We’ve also been told he looked like the Pokemon Machop.

Above is Auntie Carly ^

Below is Auntie Kathleen

Below this is Auntie Ellis and Unkie Johnny:

Here he is all nice and clean 🙂

I remember just crying and saying thank you over and over again. God was so good- we made it out alive and we were so blessed to have our boy in our arms.

After a few hours and some lab results later, Matt had to be transferred to the NICU for monitoring and to start antibiotics for what was a possible infection due to him being in broken water for too long. While I needed the rest, I longed to be up with my boy. I was still on bed rest due to the magnesium but my husband (who so quickly became such an amazing father) spent hours with Matt: running pumped milk, snuggling him, talking to nurses, staying so involved in his care.

Form a short time we had to feed Matt formula in addition to the breast milk so we could keep his weight up.

For a bit he was also under the UV light for a mild case of jaundice. It looks like a mini baby rave.

Here’s daddy having some fun :p

Ya’ll we shared a twin bed for almost a week. I don’t even know how.

Here was our first hearing test! He failed the first round. We had to go back three months later for a retest which he passed. Praise Jesus!

How was he ever this tiny?! Look at that little hand <3

After a week long stay in the NICU & pediatrics we were given the clear to go HOME! Another fun fact: our families pretty much camped out in the family waiting area from Thursday to Saturday (and even made up a song that we still sing) and during our stay in pediatrics blessed us immensely with food, coffee, and so much love and support.

So after a long week, we packed up  Littleman in his car seat and our tiny family of three drove ever so slowly to our home 🚗


Mama Needs SLEEP- Our Journey with Sleep Training

I don’t like posting about the messy moments. It makes me feel vulnerable and it makes me feel like I’m whining. I realize though that most often that I am blessed by someone being completely raw and real. I hope that through sharing this you’ll realize you’re not alone and possibly even be willing to share your advice and stories.

We just finished night two of sleep training. This photo about sums it up.

Can I just give a quick shout out to my main squeeze, Trader Joe’s Dark? Let’s be honest…I wouldn’t be functioning right now without it.

So let’s go to the beginning, when he was first born up until about 3 months it looked like we were gunna score with a good sleeper. And then about 3 ½ months he started rolling over forcing us to stop swaddling. This is when nights became no bueno. The swaddle has a magic power I’m telling you. Anywho, since then it’d been pretty consistent that he’d go to bed around 9 pm and then wake up and eat at 2 am and 4 am. After the 4 am wake up and feeding our day was ready to begin according to Littleman. 4 AM PEOPLE! He became quite daring and figured out how to launch himself out of his bassinet. Luckily I was always there to not let the final push happen but we came waaaay too close to let him sleep in it anymore. We had to consider our other options.

For a week we tried co-sleeping thinking that would help but no luck. This lead to us being up at least every two hours. In this time, he somehow learned to worm crawl over to me to pinch my face to let me know that it was time to eat. This did not lead to a very awake and pleasant mommy. It did give us a few good laughs though.

Then one Sunday we decided that it was time for the crib…in his own room. Man that was hard. According to the AAP they recommend that your baby share your room with you for the first 6 months to a year. We couldn’t fit the crib in the bedroom so that was out of the question. It’s one of those moments I’ll hold close to my heart because it’s really one of the moments I had to give Little up to Christ. I did everything on my part to ensure his breathing and safety were assured but really I didn’t have much more control other than what crib liner I chose.

Since then it’s been about a month and fairly consistently he’s slept in his own room. He’s pretty regular in going to sleep about 7-7:30 and then waking up at the times I’d mentioned.

I was tired ya’ll. I am tired as I write this. I may or may not be consuming my third cup of coffee as I type. I started asking around and it seemed that kids around his age were either sleeping through the night or only waking up once. I just couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I know every kid’s different but there seemed to be some consistency in what I was hearing. I knew we needed to regroup and figure something out that worked better for us.

This Wednesday I kind of hit a wall. Emotionally I was drained. I am a part of a Bible study called Beautiful Mess that meets Wednesday mornings. I don’t know about beautiful but  I sure did come in a mess. I shared our sleep struggle and how it had broken me down. I was blessed as the moms in our group poured into my mess of a self with loving encouragement, advice, tricks and tips. I felt hopeful as I walked away with some things I hoped to try out. I sat down with Tim that night and we decided we’d try to sleep train and use the cry it out method.  Here we go!

Night one: I put him down at 8 pm. I went in and did a “dream feeding” at 11 pm. He went right back down. At 2:30 he woke up and cried it out for 10 minutes. He fell asleep but in the worst possible position! He must have fallen asleep sitting up because he was head down in between his legs almost like he was stretching. I got a good chuckle in but went to re-position him. He of course woke up screaming so I fed him and put him back down. After that he slept until 6 am! That’s the latest he’d slept in in weeks. I’d happily take it. I woke up feeling pretty good. Besides the 2am deal we did pretty well.

Night two: Little went down about 7:30. He woke up about 10:40 and I went ahead and did the dream feed early. Why not? I was still trying to figure this whole schedule out. He went back down as soon as he was done eating. About 1 am he woke up crying. Tim was up working and came in to see if I wanted him to take this shift. I don’t know about you but I can’t sleep when baby’s crying so I told him I’d take it since I’d be up anyways. About 5 minutes into it he sat up and grabbed the top bar of the crib. All of the sudden he began to vigorously try to launch himself out of the crib. I ran from our room to his as fast as I could and in enough time to catch him before he flung himself out. Tim was close behind me. My heart was racing. We both decided he couldn’t safely sleep in the crib so in the bed with us he went. I’m telling you you guys he’s gotta like smell me or something. As soon as he was in our bed he was waking up pretty much every hour and pinching me awake. He’s got these little lobster pincers. Little and I woke up at 4:30 and just laid there trying to be quiet while we let Tim sleep.

Night three starts after I post this. Prayers are much appreciated for a successful night. Crib lowered. A fresh set of pajamas set out. And a pot of coffee ready for the morning. Although that pot of coffee may be brewed at 2 am, who knows. I’ll keep you posted.

In telling you this lengthy novel about our fight with sleep I hope it’s brought you a little bit of comfort that at 2am you’re not alone. During a sip from your 3rd or 4th cup of coffee I’m right there with you. When you’re crying because you’re just so stinkin tired, I feel you.

You totally got this though. Find a friend, a good cup of coffee, and a positive attitude because this too shall pass. And that little that you’re staying awake for is oh so worth it. <3

If you’ve been through sleep training or are going through it share your tips, tricks, advice, stories. I want to hear them!


Rainy Day Fun!

Rain is a novelty in Southern California. This winter has been exceptionally rainy for us and personally I am loving it! I love the gray skies and the pitter patter sound the rain makes on my rooftop. I love snuggling up with a cup of coffee and a cozy blanket. I love the GIANT puddle that accumulates in our driveway.

I am extremely grateful that right now Littleman enjoys snuggling in blankets and reading stories. I realize that as he becomes more mobile rainy days are going to force me to get really creative. I thought it might be fun to throw together a quick list of rainy day activities. Bonus, most are relatively cheap or free!


  • LEAF RACING! We’ve got an awesome stream that gets going down our street. Our driveway also floods making it a prime starting location for leaf races. Have you ever participated in a leaf race? I’d never heard of this sport until I met Tim. It is so fun! Grab a leaf, find a stream, and on your mark, get set, GO! The finish line is up to you. Get creative and decorate your leaf, give your leaf boat a name, invite friends and make teams.


  • Watch a movie. Be it Netflix, Amazon TV, or a DVD from your DVD shelf. Make some popcorn, put on your jammies, and snuggle up on the couch. Bonus…watch a movie in your BLANKET FORT!!!


  • Make your own play dough! I prefer homemade play dough for a couple of reasons. First off, it’s fairly cheap and easy to make. Also, you know exactly what’s in it so when your little sneaks a piece into their mouth you don’t have to be too worried (because let’s face it, they eat anything and everything). I found a good recipe here. You can make it any color you’d like too and throw some glitter in it if you’re feeling adventurous!


  • Baking! I cannot tell you how fondly I remember making chocolate chip cookies with my grandma when I was a little girl. It was the best getting to help her mix all of the ingredients together and sometimes even getting to lick the bowl. Smelling the cookies baking and the warmth the oven gave. I feel all warm and cozy just thinking about it. (I’ve personally tried this recipe and LOVED it.) Sure, sometimes baking can get a little messy but your little is learning oh so much. Hand eye coordination, mathematical skills, reading, and social skills just to name a few! So get messy and get bakin!


  • Then there’s the always fun puddle jumping! Put on some play clothes and go puddle jumping! Explore the big puddles, the little puddles, the long puddles, the muddy puddles. If you have a waterproof camera bring it along- the photos you’ll get of your little’s joy will be amazing.


  • Balloon volleyball or soccer. Grab your favorite color balloon and push the couches to the side of them room!  Add some variety by playing “Chair Balloon Volleyball” where you have to sit in your chair for the entire game!


  • Dance party! Pandora has some awesome family friendly stations to jam out to – check them out! Better yet get dressed up! Have fun with it!


  • Board games! Recently my brother-in-law developed a board game addiction. It’s the best! We’ve played Pass the Pigs a million times. Did you know they make big pigs to play the game with?! Another few family favorites have been Coup and Resistance. Do you have a family favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


  • Make an indoor herb garden. You can surprisingly grow a lot of herbs inside a few being rosemary, mint, oregano, and dill. An extra fun spin for kids is to turn your indoor garden into a “fairy garden”. I stumbled across this adorable idea on Pinterest and I can’t wait to try it one day with Littleman.

These are just a few fun and random ideas. What are some ways you spend your rainy days? Anything I should add to our list of things to try?



She Loves A Latte





One of those days

Have you ever had one of “those” days? That was today for me. This morning we had an ultrasound for Littleman’s head. He’s in the 97th percentile for head circumference and has been spitting up a ton so our pediatrician wanted us to get a second look to make sure there wasn’t too much fluid in his skull. Needless to say, I was a bit of a mess this morning. I thought I had everything packed but I was jumping from one thing to the next so who was to say what I actually threw in the diaper bag.

We got to the radiology center exactly 15 minutes before the appointment. Right when they said to be. To me, this was late. One thing you’ll learn about me…I hate being late. And if you’re not early, you’re late. It’s an issue I’m working on lol. Anywho, we got there, checked in, and all was well. Until Littleman started to let out little toots. Great, I thought. He’s pooping. And sure enough, he was. I’ll spare you the nitty gritty, but I felt it through his pants you guys. We were called back into the room and the little really began to smell. I apologized to the tech and explained that he’d blown out of his diaper and that I’d need to change him quickly. She was a sweetheart and went out of the room to give us a few minutes. Another thing you’ll learn about me, I’m usually very prepared. Not today. Let me ask you, what is a diaper bag without any diapers? USELESS! I forgot diapers. How on earth did I forget diapers? My hubby flustered but oh so loving suggested wiping off his legs and throwing on another pair of pants. He also out loud questioned how I forgot to pack diapers. Note to husbands, never question a nervous mom at her peak. She won’t respond kindly. I threw on another pair of pants to hopefully mask the very full diaper right before the tech came back in.

She put the gel on top of his soft spot and began to snap pictures with the wand. Littleman loved playing with her sweater and the cord for about 10 minutes. And then he realized we weren’t going to let him roll over or move much at all. That did it. He lost it. Littleman goes from 0 to 100 in no time flat. The sweet tech kindly suggested feeding him. To which I replied that I had fed him right before we’d left so that he’d be full and calm. Clearly this did not work out in my favor. She stepped out again to give us a minute to try to calm him down. I tried everything. I rocked him. I gave him his favorite toy. I sang him a song. Everything but feed him because he shouldn’t have been hungry. But 4 or 5 minutes passed and I grew impatient. I just decided feeding him would be the best option for all of us at this point. I began to feed him when the tech walked back in. I got the look like “I told you so” and she smiled and said I’ll give you a few more minutes. She closed the door, I looked at my husband and said “She thinks I’m lying about when I fed him last”. He laughed. He didn’t understand why I cared. You see people always seem to think babies are hungry when they cry. I know I used to to before I had Littleman. But they cry for a ton of other reasons. I wanted to defend myself but all I could get out was “I just fed him again so he’d be happy”. Great answer Chloe great answer. Bonus though, while feeding him, hubby saved the day by running out to the car and finding a rogue diaper that was in the trunk. He swiftly hid it within a burp rag and snuck it back in. We changed him real fast before she came back in. *Wiped sweat off of forehead* We looked like put together parents on the diaper front at least.

She came back in and for a bit he was calm but basically wailed throughout the rest of the imagining. (AND, I forgot his favorite pacifier. It just wasn’t my day guys. ) However, we got the brain images and that was all that mattered. She explained that the results would take 1 to 2 days for the radiologist to go over and send to our pediatrician. We smiled and said okay but my heart ached. 24 to 48 hours? How was I going to make that time pass quickly? When was too soon to call the doctor to check on results? But… It was what it was. She left the room and we began to pack up Littleman. We put his toys and his diaper changing stuff back in the bag. Much to my horror, as I picked him up, there were poop smears on the chair cover! Littleman had leaked out of the second pair of trousers we’d put on him before we were able to find the rogue diaper! I was mortified. I put the rags we used to wipe off sweet boys head right on top of the smear so she’d be sure to see them. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to laugh and cry that hard at the same time before.

Littleman cried the whole way home but we made it. I rocked him to sleep and put him in his rocker and just sat down on the couch thinking what the heck just happened. It was like a mini tornado hit our morning.

We went about the rest of our days when at about 2 o’clock I saw a missed call. Quickly I dialed back and it was the medical office. Then sent me to another number… who sent me to another number. FINALLY, I reached the end result, our pediatrician. She had the results! Already? My mind quickly jumped to worst case scenario. Much to my surprise and relief, there was no extra fluid it was just a large head. This mama’s heart almost exploded with joy.

And thus the crazy day came to an end with joyful news. But still…a glass of wine felt due. Cheers ya’ll! Mamas give yourself some credit, if you kept the tiny human alive and healthy today you’ve done good.



She Loves A Latte

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho It’s off to work I go

I went back to work 5 days before Littleman turned 3 months old. It was one of those things that the term “bittersweet” perfectly covered. You see, I really love my job. I work part time at my church with an amazing team of people and I get to teach kids about Jesus – it’s awesome.  I work three days a week- two of those in an office with my co-worker “C” and one of those days greeting families and running Children’s Ministry with C. (I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate her and all that she brings to our team of two.)

When I first got pregnant with Littleman, I think Tim and I both assumed that I’d be going back to work, no questions asked. As it got closer to the end of my leave, it became more of a discussion. While I loved my job, I really loved being home with our sweet boy. I loved being a part of his everyday moments, keeping him on a schedule of sorts, reading him books, staring at his sweet face while he slept. After lots of prayer, looking at our budget, discussing ways to cut down cost of living, and checking out some work-from-home options, we decided it just worked better for our family for me to return to work. By the time Littleman’s 3 month mark came around, I felt really at peace with our decision. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard, but I felt at peace with it nonetheless.

When it came time to find someone to care for Littleman, we were blessed with some really loving caretakers for our guy. My mom’s day off from work is on one of my main work days, so she offered to watch Littleman one day a week. My heart leapt with joy knowing that my boy would know no shortage of love, laughter, and comfort on his days with his Grandy. My mom is the biggest lover and one of Littleman’s biggest fans. She’s also a preschool teacher (and a really good one at that). She brings over books and activities, takes him on walks, and does tummy time at the park. On my other work day, a wonderful family from church watches him. They are a lovely family with three beautiful girls. The girls are home schooled so they get to be a part of the fun. Littleman has taken a liking to studying classical music with the girls and falling asleep on them. They text me the sweetest photos of him during the day and it makes those final few hours of work go by so quickly. Definitely gives me motivation to finish up my tasks without dawdling! Then there’s Sundays. On Sundays, Littleman gets to come to work with me and either gets passed around to family and friends during and in between services or goes into our nursery with our nursery volunteers. And the counter I stand at is right by the nursery so I get to peek in and visit whenever I want. It is such a treat.

On the morning of my first day back to work, before I walked out the door, my mom had already put on a fake mustache and was singing a made up song about Grandma being here to play. I’m sure you can see how leaving that day wasn’t so bad. Yet, even knowing how much fun he was going to have and how many loving snuggles he would get, I cried the entire way to work. I stopped on the way and treated myself to a cup of coffee-I needed something.  When I came into work, I was greeted with the warmest smiles, a box of donuts, balloons, and genuine “How are you?”’s. You know those warm and fuzzies you feel sometimes? I felt them. I told you, I work with an amazing group of people. And as an added bonus, throughout the day, my mom texted me photos and videos of my happy boy. Although I missed him, I was okay. This whole “working mom” thing was going to be okay. Before I knew it, I was in the car on my way home.

One thing I did do was reach out to my closest friends, other mamas, and my husband.  I shared my struggles and my emotions, and they in response shared their journeys, their advice, their love, and their prayers. If I may, my one piece of advice is to find community. They got me through a lot of waves of emotions be it good and bad. And I am so grateful.

I know my story of transitioning back to work may sound a little different than others. I know that sometimes, the work environment stinks and sometimes…people do to. I want to encourage you- Mamas keep doing your thing. Find the good in the day- a chance to have an adult conversation, to wear spit up-free clothes, to enjoy a warm cup of coffee, to learn to appreciate the time with your littles even more than you already do. You are helping to provide for your families, you are bringing good things to your work place; you are getting in a little “you” time. So grab a latte, put on some lipstick and a positive attitude, and do your thing. And in just a few hours, you can go home and snuggle that little.


She Loves a Latte