Our Day Adventure in Portland

I’m back! It’s been such a crazy season. I realized today I haven’t been on since March…maybe some of it is business maybe some of it “writer’s block” but regardless I’m happy to be posting again.

This past week I went on quite the day adventure with my sweet friend Angelica. Angelica’s a flight attendant and a really good one at that. Her go with the flow attitude and ability to adapt to her surroundings has always amazed me. I’d mentioned to her a while ago that if we ever got the chance I’d love to adventure with her in Portland. It’s always been on my travel bucket list and they’ve got the best donuts I’ve ever had. No guys I’m not exaggerating they’re literally the best donuts I’ve ever had. And I want to fly back for more. Or just move in right next door. That could work too. Although… maybe a block or two away would be better for my waistline…

ANYWAYS, we decided we’d make a day trip of it. On Monday morning at 4:30 AM we went to LAX to head off on our adventure. We flew standby which is something I’d never had the fun of doing before. It’s kind of an adrenaline rush! You just wait and stare at the screen and wait some more. And pray that someone slept through their alarm lol. We lucked out and got seats. When they called our names I almost squealed with excitement. Angelica and her son each got their own seat a few rows back. Because Littleman is a lap child my seat possibilities are pretty so somehow I lucked out and got premium seating! WHOOP! I walked to my seat and I think the poor man in the isle and woman at the window winced when they noticed a baby coming towards them. However, they were extremely gracious and I probably should’ve bought them shots because sitting by a kid is no joke.

Overall I want to say Little did pretty darn good. The only crying he did was when we were descending. I think his ears were plugged or popping…how do you even try to help a baby with that? I tried nursing but he refused so we bounce and crinkled paper for 30 minutes…we made it. But speaking of nursing, do ya’ll know how hard it is to do that in the middle seat? I learned that next time, to be prepared I’ll either have a bottle or enough snacks to make up for him skipping a feeding. I think I was a little overconfident in my public feeding skills.

When we landed I let him wiggle for a bit by the windows while he watched the airplanes come and go. A few minutes later I packed him into the Lillebaby and we were off! We took their version of the Metro so I wore little and just sat on the edge of a seat. I really honestly could’ve sat and people watched all day on their Metro. People are fascinating.

Our first stop was my dream donut stop, Voodoo Donuts. Ya’ll this place did not disappoint. I’d say it’s easily my favorite spot so far but Sidecar is still a VERY close second. Angelica doesn’t like donuts but being the lovely giving selfless friend she is she made the trek with me and even tried a vegan donut. Her consensus was good but a little too sweet. I got a maple bacon bar that was AMAZING. I also got their little voodoo doll one that was amazing until you got to the filling…I don’t like fruit filling it just doesn’t belong in a donut. I got Tim a plain glazed that he ate that night when we got home and he said it was “good but thicker in a good way”. We got Angelica’s husband this chocolatey peanut buttery one that looked and smelled pretty darn good so hopefully he liked it… I really should follow up. I also probably should’ve gotten more…I guess this is just my excuse to go back.

Our next stop was Stumptown Coffee. They’ve got one in LA that I’ve ventured too but it was still fun to stop at this one. Their coffee is REALLY good. I wish they had one closer to my actual home. Actually…I don’t. I’d be broke if they were closer.

After donuts and coffee we traveled to Powell’s Bookstore and wandered around the floors of books. This is another place I could’ve easily spent all day in. It was just incredible how many books were under one roof. When you first walk in they’ve got a fun little Oregon section with a lot of novelty items and souvenirs. So many stories and so little time. I’d highly recommend checking it out if you’re in Portland.

Next we went to their local Whole Foods, grabbed some food for lunch, and headed to Washington Park to see the Rose Garden. It was BEAUTIFUL. So many different colors of roses EVERYWHERE! There was also this really cool fountain structure that was near the entry of the main rose level that caught Jojo’s eye so we spent some time walking on it every way we could. One of the coolest parts to me about this place was their playground a little further into the park. It was surrounded by big lush trees and had an amazing structure for the kids to play on and get out some energy. Jojo loved it and Littleman LOVED watching Jojo and swinging on the swings. If you’re in Portland with kids definitely make a stop here. It’s also right by the zoo so you can hit that up too if you have the time.

We ended our day by heading back onto the Metro and heading back to the airport. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and waited to see if enough seats were cleared on this evening flight that we could hop on and head home. Man were we lucky this day! Not only did we get seats but a nice man switched spots with me so Angelica, Jojo, Little and I could all sit together. Little slept a majority of the flight so it was pretty easy for us on the way home.

I think the one thing I really learned is that I should’ve packed more. I know people usually want to pack less so having this in mind when I prepped our diaper bag I left a lot of toys and extra snacks home thinking we wouldn’t really need them. I wish I’d have packed more quiet toys like his rubber ducky, a book or two, his rubber teething balls, etcetera. I probably could’ve packed extra applesauce packets and teething biscuits too. But now I know for the next time we fly. It was one of the most amazing adventures and I am so grateful we got to experience Portland. A huge thank you to my sweet friend Angelica for taking us with her and for having such an adventurous spirit!!

I’ll see you again Portland, you were weird and wonderful and I love ya <3

So tell me friends, what are some things YOU have learned from flying with baby?

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