Rainy Day Fun!

Rain is a novelty in Southern California. This winter has been exceptionally rainy for us and personally I am loving it! I love the gray skies and the pitter patter sound the rain makes on my rooftop. I love snuggling up with a cup of coffee and a cozy blanket. I love the GIANT puddle that accumulates in our driveway.

I am extremely grateful that right now Littleman enjoys snuggling in blankets and reading stories. I realize that as he becomes more mobile rainy days are going to force me to get really creative. I thought it might be fun to throw together a quick list of rainy day activities. Bonus, most are relatively cheap or free!


  • LEAF RACING! We’ve got an awesome stream that gets going down our street. Our driveway also floods making it a prime starting location for leaf races. Have you ever participated in a leaf race? I’d never heard of this sport until I met Tim. It is so fun! Grab a leaf, find a stream, and on your mark, get set, GO! The finish line is up to you. Get creative and decorate your leaf, give your leaf boat a name, invite friends and make teams.


  • Watch a movie. Be it Netflix, Amazon TV, or a DVD from your DVD shelf. Make some popcorn, put on your jammies, and snuggle up on the couch. Bonus…watch a movie in your BLANKET FORT!!!


  • Make your own play dough! I prefer homemade play dough for a couple of reasons. First off, it’s fairly cheap and easy to make. Also, you know exactly what’s in it so when your little sneaks a piece into their mouth you don’t have to be too worried (because let’s face it, they eat anything and everything). I found a good recipe here. You can make it any color you’d like too and throw some glitter in it if you’re feeling adventurous!


  • Baking! I cannot tell you how fondly I remember making chocolate chip cookies with my grandma when I was a little girl. It was the best getting to help her mix all of the ingredients together and sometimes even getting to lick the bowl. Smelling the cookies baking and the warmth the oven gave. I feel all warm and cozy just thinking about it. (I’ve personally tried this recipe and LOVED it.) Sure, sometimes baking can get a little messy but your little is learning oh so much. Hand eye coordination, mathematical skills, reading, and social skills just to name a few! So get messy and get bakin!


  • Then there’s the always fun puddle jumping! Put on some play clothes and go puddle jumping! Explore the big puddles, the little puddles, the long puddles, the muddy puddles. If you have a waterproof camera bring it along- the photos you’ll get of your little’s joy will be amazing.


  • Balloon volleyball or soccer. Grab your favorite color balloon and push the couches to the side of them room!  Add some variety by playing “Chair Balloon Volleyball” where you have to sit in your chair for the entire game!


  • Dance party! Pandora has some awesome family friendly stations to jam out to – check them out! Better yet get dressed up! Have fun with it!


  • Board games! Recently my brother-in-law developed a board game addiction. It’s the best! We’ve played Pass the Pigs a million times. Did you know they make big pigs to play the game with?! Another few family favorites have been Coup and Resistance. Do you have a family favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


  • Make an indoor herb garden. You can surprisingly grow a lot of herbs inside a few being rosemary, mint, oregano, and dill. An extra fun spin for kids is to turn your indoor garden into a “fairy garden”. I stumbled across this adorable idea on Pinterest and I can’t wait to try it one day with Littleman.

These are just a few fun and random ideas. What are some ways you spend your rainy days? Anything I should add to our list of things to try?



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3 Replies to “Rainy Day Fun!”

  1. Love Rack-O (maybe when Littleman is older) and of course matching memory games with my neice. Hide-and-seek and of course sitting indoor volleyball with a balloon is fun too – and can double as sick day activities as well.

  2. Collecting snails… lots of them…..they come out on rainy days 🙂 put down a large piece of black paper..magnifying glasses and let them watch and observe. …let them make a little home for them with flowers to eat…..also let them have dance party out in the rain. Nothing like dancing in the rain. …clothes can be changed and the kids will not melt 🙂

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