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This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant but all thoughts are my own.
Ahhhhh it’s officially time to embrace the Christmas season. Even as busy as the season gets, it’s still easily my favorite time of the year. The Christmas lights, the family time, the carols. I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season!
I have some pretty exciting news! In partnership with Smile Brilliant we are giving away one free teeth whitening kit! What a better way to get that smile pearly white for all of the holiday photos, a special upcoming occasion, or simply to just feel more confident about your smile! As a mama who pretty much lives off of coffee, I’ve always been a little self-conscious about my teeth. It’s a no brainer that coffee stains so I try hard to stay on top of brushing as often as possible and throwing in some whitening toothpaste. But nothing was working quite well enough and even the whitening strips on the market didn’t seem to give lasting results.
When Smile Brilliant reached out I was so excited! I was excited to try a product that had promising reviews and could give me a whiter brighter smile for all those photos during the holidays! Best yet, I could do it during Matthew’s naptime!
When you first receive your kit they have you create your custom molds right at home. I’ll be honest, at first I was super intimidated…what if I messed it up? But rest assured, it was super easy. Honest to goodness I created them in the kitchen after I’d put Matt down for his nap. It took very little time and the instructions were very easy to follow. After your create your impressions, you send them back to Smile Brilliant with a signed waiver and about a week later you receive your custom fitted whitening trays! Super quick turn around which was awesome.
Once you get your trays, you start by putting an even strip of the teeth whitening gel in your top and bottom trays, popping them in your mouth, and doing your thing. I loved that I could wear them so easily while I continued to do laundry, clean, take care of Matthew, and even run! Yes, you read that right, I even whitened on my run!
They recommend that you whiten anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. I typically whitened every other day for about an hour. After you whiten, you brush with toothpaste and wash out your trays. Dry them and then put an even layer of the desensitizing gel in both trays. You’ll wear the desensitizing gel for 15-20 minutes. I don’t typically have tooth sensitivity but this gel is intended to prevent any possible sensitivity/irritation. It worked great as I never had a problem throughout my teeth whitening process.
And without further ado…the results!
***Drumroll please ***
Here is my before:
And here is my after:
I am so happy with my results and hope to continue using Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening kit!
The best part of this post though? One lucky reader has the chance to win their very own Smile Brilliant whitening kit! A $139 value!! You can CLICK HERE to enter!
For those who are not selected for the free kit you can still purchase your own with an awesome discount! You can use the code shelovesalatte for 10% off of your very own kit!
Looking forward to hearing how much you all love your Smile Brilliant kit!!

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