Welcome to the World Littlehan

I realized last week after a rousing #ThursdayCoffeeChat on Instagram that I’d never really shared my birth story. A story where my world was drastically changed for the better and the story that shares my journey of entering into motherhood. What an exciting few days it was. Does anyone else seem to block out the “traumatic” moments from that day or is it just me? I mean I remember them, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t seem quite so bad now. The pain isn’t there and I came home with one of the best little dudes God could’ve blessed us with. So in advance, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Thursday afternoon I went in for a weekly check up. I was one day past due and had had issues with pregnancy induced hypertension for a few months leading up to my due date. They hooked me up to do a stress test that Matthew didn’t pass so they quickly sent me to the hospital to do some routine check ups. I called Tim frantic but he talked me off of my ledge and headed to the hospital from work. When we were admitted my blood pressure was 200/100 -needless to say not good and not safe for Matthew or I. They got us into a labor and delivery room and I think it finally hit me then that when we left this place we were leaving with a baby! Fun fact: We didn’t know what we were going to name Matthew when we were admitted. We’d gone back and forth on so many names and much to my protest pretty much decided to not really decide until we had to. When they admit you they fill out the whiteboard in your room with the birth plan, parents names and baby’s name. Then came the moment. The moment they asked for the baby’s name. Tim said Matthew. MATTHEW! I for that moment forgot all of my fears and worries and just celebrated in the joy that we were going to have a Matthew ❤

The first step was to give me an IV and start me on magnesium which would prevent seizures and blood poisoning. Shortly after they started me on pitocin. That stuff is NO joke. 😶 My OBGYN came in on Friday morning and broke my water- she was pretty certain he was coming that evening. C-section kept getting tossed around but by the grace of God we were able to have him naturally. After my water was broken and the pitocin dosage upped, the contractions really started. Tim and I made a pact that I’d go as long as possible without an epidural but with my blood pressure rising and no baby in sight we got an epidural later Friday afternoon (probably a little sooner than I’d hoped for). Y’all this was a live saver and I wholeheartedly believe it provided me with the resting I needed to be able to push.

Saturday morning at midnight it was finally time to push. At 3:11 AM our beautiful boy entered the world at 7lbs 7.6oz and 19 inches long.

This is literally our first photo of him. He’s clearly not stoked to be out lol. We’ve also been told he looked like the Pokemon Machop.

Above is Auntie Carly ^

Below is Auntie Kathleen

Below this is Auntie Ellis and Unkie Johnny:

Here he is all nice and clean 🙂

I remember just crying and saying thank you over and over again. God was so good- we made it out alive and we were so blessed to have our boy in our arms.

After a few hours and some lab results later, Matt had to be transferred to the NICU for monitoring and to start antibiotics for what was a possible infection due to him being in broken water for too long. While I needed the rest, I longed to be up with my boy. I was still on bed rest due to the magnesium but my husband (who so quickly became such an amazing father) spent hours with Matt: running pumped milk, snuggling him, talking to nurses, staying so involved in his care.

Form a short time we had to feed Matt formula in addition to the breast milk so we could keep his weight up.

For a bit he was also under the UV light for a mild case of jaundice. It looks like a mini baby rave.

Here’s daddy having some fun :p

Ya’ll we shared a twin bed for almost a week. I don’t even know how.

Here was our first hearing test! He failed the first round. We had to go back three months later for a retest which he passed. Praise Jesus!

How was he ever this tiny?! Look at that little hand <3

After a week long stay in the NICU & pediatrics we were given the clear to go HOME! Another fun fact: our families pretty much camped out in the family waiting area from Thursday to Saturday (and even made up a song that we still sing) and during our stay in pediatrics blessed us immensely with food, coffee, and so much love and support.

So after a long week, we packed up  Littleman in his car seat and our tiny family of three drove ever so slowly to our home 🚗


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  1. Dear,

    It’s really inspiring ❤️ Thanks 🙏 for all this .. you are really good human being & best mother in the world 🌎..I wish & pray god will always bless you & your wonderful family .. thx dear

    Lots of love from here ❤️

    Your die hard fan from 🇮🇳

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