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I have the blessing of being able to watch my friend’s son “Jojo” on Thursdays for a few weeks. Normally, I pick him up and take him to my house for a bit. He helps me with chores and/or watches one episode of Daniel Tiger. (P.s. that show is super cute and the anger song gets stuck in my head). Anywho, in the afternoon we meet up with other moms from our church for coffee and some park play. It is SO much fun and a highlight of my week. However, I got this idea in my head that I wanted to take Jojo to explore some new things because why not? So, today I convinced my friend Jenn to bring her son, hop in the car with me, and head to the Zimmer Museum.

Here they all all nestled in their seats <3

First things first, if I hadn’t read a Yelp review I would’ve never found this place. It’s inside of the Jewish Federation Goldsmith Center and there are no signs from the outside. So look for the Jewish Center and you’ll find the museum inside on the first floor. They have designated parking for the museum that’s free to use if you can nab a spot. The entrance fee for the museum is $7.50 for ages 1 up (but if you check in on Yelp you can get a free child’s admission). They’ve also got special deals so check out their site (https://www.zimmermuseum.org/visitor_info.html) Also note, Tuesdays and Thursday are field trip days…there were a lot of kids there when we first checked in. Had I known that, I might’ve brought him a different day.

Despite all of that though, when you walk in it feels as if you’re walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. You’re greeted with bright colors, a giant plane to be explored, and lots of dress up stations. And this is just the first floor! Jojo is a plane fanatic so we spent a good chunk of time upstairs “flying” the plane. He also got a big kick out of the green screen/dress up station they had. He even got to be on TV. It’s a pretty cool feature and totally fostered his imagination and creativity.

We convinced him to go downstairs a bit later. As soon as we made it down  Jojo went “WOAH!” The look on his face was priceless. There were multiple stations downstairs to be explored. In fact; I’d almost recommend starting there. There was a water play station, a pirate ship ball pit, an interactive ambulance, giant Legos and MORE. It was great. There was so much to offer. And it’s all in a relatively confined space so it was easy to keep an eye on the little. The water station ended up winning his love. Jenn and I even got to let our littles explore some of the water station features. The water station was complete with little water guns and targets to hit. (Don’t worry they’re attached to a counter so you can only shoot what’s inside this little plastic “shooting range”. It’s not super crazy soak city.) Jenn and I definitely joined in on the fun!

My ending impression was that it was totally worth the drive there and the  $7.50 I paid for entrance. However, I’m not sure I’d go there again. It’s just one of those “been there done that” things to me. I’d totally recommend checking it out at least once though! It’s a cheap fun day adventure and can keep your little entertained for a few hours. Do you have any kid friendly places in LA that you’d recommend checking out? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Great idea to explore all these places….so much to do in LA…Bob Baker Marionettes……Huntington Botanical Gardens…PV Botanical Gardens…..will share more later…

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